About Hopkins & Associates

We offered expert help in all computer applications for law firms and also law departments in both government and corporations. Our sub-specialty was accounting systems, especially timekeeping and billing.

By not trying also to serve other professions and businesses, we could offer greater depth of experience and level of skill in legal applications.

Our solutions included all aspects of implementing computer applications: consulting, estimating total costs for the solutions, recommending networking vendors, sales of specialized software at dealer cost, help with negotiating purchase contracts, installation, training, programming, troubleshooting, and on-going support.

Our Services

  • Timekeeping & Billing Systems: This has been the main need for which clients have asked our help. Mr. Hopkins installed a long delayed update of a system for an old client as recently as January, 2020
  • Document Assembly Systems
  • New & Improved Use of Internet for Client Service, Marketing & Research
  • Troubleshooting “Sick” Windows Software
  • Why, When & How to Link Your Computers – Networking
  • Multitasking to Make PC’s Practical for any Attorney
  • General Ledger, Accounts Payable & Trust Accounting
  • Calendar & Docket Control
  • Other Case Mgt. Applications, Especially in Litigation
  • Powerful Word Processing
  • Computer Based File Mgt. Systerms (to Organize & Retrieve)
  • CD-ROM’s and Imaging to Replace Books & Paper Files