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Baltimore, Maryland 21210

About Samuel B. Hopkins

Mr. Hopkins is one of a small group of attorneys in the ABA and MSBA (MD Bar Association) who over 35 years ago  (1984) pioneered the provision of computer related continuing education for the legal profession.

Mr. Hopkins is largely retired as of 2020.  But he continues to invite your calls.  He can give you some advice for many of your needs, including helping you find the appropriate  service provider to help you meet those needs.

Mr. Hopkins especially invites calls from former clients to help them meet new needs.

The Associate Experts that Mr. Hopkins once had on call for all technologies for lawyers have now retired or are no longer available.  But Mr. Hopkins can help you determine what expertise you need and help you find it.

About Mr. Hopkins’ New Educational Effort in His Retirement

Mr. Hopkins taught attorneys and staff for 35 years how to understand and profit from new computer technologies. Now he is offering instruction in another sphere.

If you would like to better understand our civilization’s greatest sustainability challenges, please visit this website: www.BaltimoreGreenForum.org. In particular, see the description of the events beginning November 24, 2019.  You will not see this understanding in the mainstream media or from our political leaders, either left or right.

When you understand the sustainability challenges, the good news is that you will understand that you have been luckier than you ever realized to have lived now compared to any other two centuries in human history.

There are about 6 of these Baltimore Green Forum events per year. See the descriptions on the home page in reverse date order.  Mr. Hopkins welcomes your calls or emails with questions and comments.