About ten years! Casio watches and I fate

Casio in memory is unattainable. Remember elementary school, the squad leader with block casio electronic form, it is simply the goal of male students jealousy, female students worship object. At that time, for me the price in terms of money, fashion appearance, especially the black electronic dial, coupled with the LCD screen flashing loaded blue background light, washing hands with a watch or even swimming, etc. These excellent performance in my years Young heart left an indelible impression. Since then, I wanted to one day have a piece of their own Casio watches, must be able to watch the time at night, must be able to take a bath and swimming. Blink of an eye to 2006, I graduated from college, began to make money, and plan long-planned began. That year in August, the largest shopping mall in the work of small cities, I bought the first piece of life Casio electronic form, more than 400 yuan, when my salary is 2000. It meets all my needs, the color is not black, but blue, luminous display is not blue but orange. It is good but there are also inadequate, I love a sweat, love sports people, the strap is resin, long-term wind and sun and sweat corrosion, less than 2 years broken strap, I tried every means to repair , From Taobao to buy their own bracelet, after-sales to repair, did not meet the standard of first wife, and finally had to close it in the drawer, but the watch core really good, 7,8 years actually work. Because of this age is not on the map, and the following about this electronic form, but earlier. About ten years! Casio watches and Casio watches (CASIO) watches Regular series of electronic quartz watch male AE-1000W-1B189 yuan Jingdong direct links In mid-2008, the boss to send a reward salary, I looked at the bad uk replica watches in the drawer, heart and ready to make trouble. This time in another city department store in the casio fancy the following this paragraph. About ten years! Casio watches Casio watches (CASIO) watches EDIFICE series quartz quartz watches male EF-312D-7A Jingdong direct links This is a combination of appearance, performance and then my purchasing power and many other factors to consider, bought back very, very much, it is also the longest with me a watch, until last year before the problem. This watch accompanied me to Xinjiang, to Tibet, to the motherland's rivers and mountains; this watch with my work, graduate school, post; this watch with me single, love, marriage, children. It and my 7 years of life has been integrated. This piece of Casio, the meaning of the watch is relatively large, you can indicate the time, month, day of the week, number, in addition to 100 meters waterproof, no other features, it also draws lessons on the watch, band. In 2015 this watch has also been two replacement batteries, one day found that the battery is also a pointer does not go often phenomenon, the warranty period has passed, so decided not to repair, for the watch. Previously said I like sports, had thought only Casio's climbing replica watches uk is suiwatch for my temperament, hey, there are anti-significant, barometer, a compass, an alarm clock, do not replace the battery is solar energy. Running the target once again began the process of selecting the watch. Many of my friends to ask why not buy online, much cheaper than the store, in fact, this is a personal consumption habits. In the store to buy one can see the effect of hand, the second is the best counter warranty, the third is able to adjust the bracelet, the most important point is the pleasure of spending money, do not say I am perverted Kazakhstan. The election watch when I found Aunt Zhang, I found a lot cheaper than the domestic sea, especially in the second half near the end of the year, the United States and Asia often have activities, this watch is finally bought online. In fact, in line with the requirements of Casio is basically two series, or two models, the difference is the function of radio reception, after comprehensive consideration, especially the price (a radio watch often do not engage in activities), the final choice of the following This. Specific models are different, mainly orange models are not connected. About ten years! Casio watches Casio watches (CASIO) watches G-SHOCK series of multi-functional outdoor mountain climbing male watch PRG270B-11499 yuan Jingdong direct links This is a radio reception function watch. About ten years! I and Casio watch fate Casio (CASIO) rolex replica watches mountaineering outdoor series 2014 Basel show models solar 6 Bureau of radio men watch PRW-6000Y-12999 yuan 6 Bureau of radio + solar energy. Equipped with compass, temperature, pressure, height measurement function. Can be low temperature -10 ° C. Although the whole process is only to experience the compass, temperature, height measurement and anti-storm function, but feel the eyes have been sucked into the dial, the watch in the HIKING process The confidence brought by the fans to the scientists today is still trying to unravel the mystery. Jingdong direct link to see encyclopedia This watch is a good watch, in addition to the resin with all I need, especially in line with the definition of high-fu handsome childhood. I am most impressed by the Casio watch: 1. Can measure the elevation, although sometimes not very accurate, but generally still fly, especially I like outdoor sports people who often use a dozen times a day. 2. Thermometer, this thing can be dispensable, but there is always better than no. 3. Barometer, this is a good thing, in fact, not to see the location of the air pressure, but to see whether the weather changes in pressure changes, I successfully predicted a storm, and to escape their own unharmed, ha ha. 4. Electronic compass, can replace the compass, suiwatch for hiking in the wild. 5. Automatic sleep function, how long does not use, this watch will enter the sleep state, saving power. 6. Automatic backlight function, only lift the arm can be backlit, see the time (anti-significant, anti-significant, anti-significant things that three times). Waterproof Oh, with swimming bath, do not take, I was loaded with explicit. Come a few small orange map it. Here I think this will stop, I have overlooked the most important factor, my wife does not like the small orange, in my eyes is the most beautiful mountain climbing watch, his wife does not like super, and she obsessed with our love when I bring that paragraph White Casio, she said, like to see me with that watch, it is a complex, alas, I do not understand. Thought to talk about no problem, which know the Mid-Autumn Festival suddenly gave me a surprise. About ten years! I and Casio watch the fate of the [UNPROFOR] Casio (CASIO) watches EDIFICE series of solar sapphire glass mirror radio waterproof men sapphire EQW-T630YD-1A2110 yuan Jingdong direct link At present, I am the most expensive of a Casio, and his wife bought at the mall counters, the price is more expensive than it hundreds of it. In fact, in addition to the radio function is not much more than the mountaineering series features, but the overall texture is good, with suits or casual wear is also very good, I wear the watch to meet the bath swimming bad taste, I do not meet the requirements, Of the demand. In general is very much like, but also his wife Mid-Autumn Festival gifts. Married a few years and finally see the money back friends about ten years! Casio watches and I fate. About ten years! I and Casio watches fate I talk about the deepest impression of it: 1. Sapphire mirror, we all know the relationship between sapphire and iPhone, and its benefits do not need to detail, the main is what hardness scratch, pass Permeability and so on. 2. You can choose the world around the clock is a circle around the world cities of the time, I do not go abroad for this is not very useful. 3. Radio receiving adjustment time, I am a slacker, at night to sleep on the window can automatically correct the time, even about ten years! Casio watches and I fate. 4. Stopwatch and countdown function, for those of us who have sports needs, and occasionally there is no stopwatch can take this make up. 5. The most important thing I like my wife like. This is my fate and Casio watches, short-term will not change, and hope to break the record on the block watch, to 10 years. Finally, two family portrait.