Multi-map out of the box: CASIO CASIO PRW-6100FC-1 Sapphire Mirror radio watch

First, purchase the original intention Hands there are two watches, a German Tissot T049, a Fitbit HR. CASIO Casio PRW-6100FC-1 Sapphire crystal wave watch purchased Fitbit HR, the Tissot basic idle to eat ash (although the mechanical watch (the mechanical watch), the watch is not the same, Stood a long time on the movement is not good). No way, HR wear easy and functional use, the most important charge 2 hours using 15 days, heart rate testing, step, sleep monitoring and other functions simply to meet all needs. HR work day and night for a year and a half, and finally come to an end. So prepare the watch for matters Choose the general idea: 1, Tissot Basic Tissot enough, take out the day and night to move the bricks of blood and tears enough to exchange a Longines master, heart water Omega, IWC temporarily do not want to (a capital of the poor figure out of the box: CASIO Casio PRW-6100FC-1 Sapphire mirror wave watch) 2, before the hand ring class, Fitbit really powerful, life is more than a year, wearing a long time no freshness, give up. Apple bitch 2, or continue to wait and see, life is simply no love With the initial idea, read Song Tuo, Jialing Fei 3, the dial is fake watches too large driving (shou) Yu (wan) not (tai) the (xi), give up! Finally locked to the Casio Mountaineer 6100 series. BUT, the problem is here. PRW 6100 a total of 5 models, the choice of a sudden burst of difficulties. To the physical store after the actual inspection, decisively to give up the carbon fiber strap model (carbon fiber strap a bit cheap ah). Finally choose down, decided to start PRW6100FC, that is, this article pig: composite strap + sapphire mirror. 2, out of the box evaluation CASIO Casio PRW-6100FC-1 sapphire crystal wave watch Casio (CASIO) watch PROTREK series of solar radio mountaineering outdoor sports male watch PRW-6100FC-13816 元 Jingdong direct link Dial is a dual display, you can display more than the pure pointer content, than the pure digital display is more intuitive and convenient. The LCD display area is easy to display powerful functions such as calendar week, barometric pressure change, direction, altitude, temperature, world time, alarm, stopwatch, timer, etc., and accept the world 6 Bureau standard radio (Japan 2, China, UK, Germany) and automatically corrects local time based on your location. In addition, it is equipped with the third generation of triple sensors, third-generation triple sensor can be high-speed high-precision measurement and measurement direction, air pressure / temperature and altitude, but has a smaller size than the previous volume and weight reduction of 95 %, Not only to achieve a watch the appearance of light, but also greatly improve the measurement accuracy. For example, the reduced sensor and the miniaturization of the motor, making the movement within the implanted motor from 2 to 4, to achieve a four-motor independent control of four pointers in the operation of various measurement functions, the pointer Can be run independently, quickly display the value or orientation. Height measurement unit from 5 meters to 1 meter, the measurement interval from 5 seconds to 1 second; direction of the continuous measurement time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds. Luminous mode, the sun's sunny effect, or can, but the fake rolex watches decline faster Third, the last two 1, light kinetic energy, 6 Bureau of radio, temperature, altitude, air pressure, compass, weather warning, it does not have to use it, in short, you have to wear in the hand I have all 2, the composite strap + sapphire mirror, Cock silk watch in the high standard 3, as a bank Wang, a year will not necessarily climb a mountain to go outdoors. But this section travel, general business use, I think it is quite appropriate. Pressure, altitude and other functions also chart a music, a reference like. Want to know the temperature, the phone than this prospective. But to the swiss replica watches outdoors, mountaineering watch function to play friends Zhang aunt on the PRW drying alone, or a small niche. I hope this original to be able to buy shoes a little reference. . There is a welcome exchange of questions. Thank you all for the time!